Monday, June 27, 2011


Haven't done anything productive today. Well, yeah, I'm bored so I spent my time playing DoTA and watching movies. Three games of DoTA with 2 wins, not bad eh? I just stopped playing when my head is about to explode. This damn headaches. Anyway, I'll be posting my review later for the movie Priest.

Catch you later alligators!


Anonymous said...

IMBA the movie "The PRIEST" les's kinda RESIDENT EVIL ang style though nice jpon kay PRIEST ang gapang patay sa mga VAMPIRES which is NEW ..astig ayoo PARI ang kontra sa VAMPIRE HAHAHA! :D

dwizzt said...

hahaha, wa pa nako natan-aw ang movie nah..ugma na guro ko magbuhat sa review.. LOL.. thanks tine ^_____^

Mai Yang said...

pangit man koi :D

Devour said...

I was gonna watch the movie priest today but i didnt. Wondering if its worth the watch. +follow

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